Welcome to the

Metropolitan Community Church


in Glasgow

We are an inclusive church founded by LGBT people of faith in Glasgow.   We are part of an international Christian denomination, UFMCC, founded in and reaching beyond the LGBT+ communities.


We care about you, not what you’re wearing. We don’t care how many tattoos you have (or don't), or how you vote.  We’re a church full of imperfect, people, seeking, questioning and exploring what it means to be a faith community.


Regardless of your story, you matter to God and you matter to us.


We’re saving a seat for you.

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We meet every Sunday at 3pm for worship

Ibrox Parish Church, Clifford Street, Glasgow, G51 1QL

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We worked with the artist Anthony Schragg to create photographic images celebrating queer people in the Bible.  Our contribution was called Made in God’s Image (MIGI) and included Untitled 2009 – a Bible that was placed in the side gallery.  Next to the Bible was a pot of pens and visitors were invited to write their names in the margins of the Bible.

The idea behind it was that for many people the Bible is an exclusive book, that doesn’t speak to them or their circumstances.  


In 2009 the Metropolitan Community Church in Glasgow was invited, along with other community groups, to take part in Sh(OUT), an exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art that was part of their contemporary Art and Human Rights strand.

The popular press picked up the story and said that the gallery was inviting people to “desecrate” the Bible.  They even said it was condemned by the Pope.   The gallery was picketed, people did start to “desecrate” the Bible, and together with the Gallery we took the decision to put the “vandalised” Bible in a Perspex box.  Visitors were then invited to write their comments and stories on pieces of paper that were put in the box at the end of each day by the Gallery staff.


Some expressed their anger at what we were doing, others told their stories of exclusion or violence received at the hands of the church.


We are delighted that the playwright, Nelly Kelly, has been engaging with the MIGI Bible to turn Untitled 2009 into a performed piece.  Part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of Jesus, Queen of Heaven, Untitled 2009 – a rehearsed reading – will be performed at the Tron Theatre on 2nd November.   We can’t wait to see how the exhibit has been interpreted, and if, ten years on, it still speaks to the queer Christian experience.


More information on the performance and tickets can be found on the Tron website.


Photo credit: Nathan Graham

If you feel excluded by the bible, write your way back into it.